Resources to become your Own Boss.

NSFRA is dedicated to mentoring women who dream of being their own Boss!  It is not as hard as you think!  This page is a resource for you as a guide thru the thought process of becoming a

Woman Owned Business.

Step 1:  Desire to be your own Boss


Step 2:  Outline your Goals

               a.    Date you want to start

               b.    Date to be up and running


Step 3:   Set a budget for company start up expense

                a.   Budget enough income in the bank to carry you for 6-12 months of your salary

Step 4:   Identify office space, Store Front or Home Office, (Check out office Suite space within a large office building.  This is getting to be very popular and much lower rent rates.  Many offer all utilities including internet, use a cell phone for a business number until you get to the point of needing an office line, check out  virtual phone lines such as OOMA. 

Step 5:   Are you a Broker or will you need to hire a Broker until you become a Licensed  Broker?  ( Many cases a Managing Broker is willing to work for you for as little as no monthly fees and a 90/10 split, it’s all negotiable so go for it.)  

Step 6:  Decide on your company colors, logo and branding strategy.

Step 7:   Complete your business plan, Marketing Plan, Resume and website.

Step 8:  Visit the IRS Website to obtain your Federal Tax ID Number. 


Step 9:  Check with the Secretary of State's website in your state for information  on how to apply for a trade name and register for an LLC or Corporation. 

Step 10:  Apply for a DUNS Number if you plan on working with HUD and any Government contracts, get one even you are not, it's a good thing to have.