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  • Are you a leader? 

  • Do you like helping others? 

  • Are you a mentor?

  • Do you get fulfilment in teaching and training?  

  • Are you willing to go the extra mile for the betterment of our Industry? 


 If your answer is yes to these   questions please inquire about becoming a NSFRA State Director. 

The National Society of Female REO Agents is seeking phenomenal women across the Nation to join our team of State Directors.  If you are a Licensed Realtor with 3+ years experience and interested in becoming a Director and Leader in your state as well as the opportunity to become a Certified Continuing Education Instructor, contact  Barbra Curtiss.



What are my Duties as a  State Director?  See for yourself, review the contract here:


As a State Director for the National Society of Female REO Agents I agree to support the Quest/Mission of the organization and pledge my commitment to assist in carrying out its Pledge as a State Director; I will consistently act responsibly and professionally at all times. I understand my duties to include legal, moral and ethical responsibility along with my fellow State Directors for the well-being of this organization.  As such, it is my responsibility to:


  • Be a role model and mentor to my state and actively participate in state membership growth activities, mentorship and outreach as needed for my state members.


  • Be responsible for monthly organizational information updates in order to communicate with my state members about programs, policies, goals, activities and objectives as appropriate to the membership for my state.


  • Keep up-to-date on the business practices of my state and communicate on a regular basis to my state members.


  • Communicate honestly and in a straightforward fashion to all responsibilities required to carry out my legal, moral and ethical responsibilities to my state members and the organization.  


  • Work in good faith together with all the National State Directors towards achievement of our organizational goals.


  • I understand I can elect to join the National Society University as a Continuing Education Instructor and be compensated for this role as a CE Trainer.


  • I can terminate my State Directors position at any time by giving the Founder a 30 Day Notice and remain as a member.  


  • I will Support our Quest/Mission Statement and uphold it faithfully at all times in a positive and professional manner.


“Our Mission/Quest is to continually improve the career success of our members in the real estate industry through training, mentoring and networking.  We are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism, trust and integrity by delivering quality services conforming to the real estate industry’s best practices while maintaining respect for our sisterhood through integrity, mutual respect and fair play without being bound by Limitations or Secrecy”.



  • Know and uphold all organization policies and programs and oversee their implementation.


  • Take responsibility for making decisions on state organization issues as needed. 


  • Interpret the organization’s work and values to the community, represent the

       Organization and serve as a spokeswoman for the entire state.


  •  I agree to attend one (1) Organization Conference per year and hold quarterly meetings with my state members.


  • I agree to my name being published or used as the State Director for marketing and advertising on social media networks as well as any other form of advertisement deemed official by the Founder/CEO.


  • I understand and agree to all the provisions outlined in this Director Contract and will uphold my duties in a professional manner at all times.   



_________________________________                      _______________

Signature – State Director                                          Date




 ________________________________                       ______________                    

Signature – Founder /CEO                                         Date

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